49th Silicon Symposium

May 29 - 31, 2018 - Edmonton, Alberta, CA


The 49th Si Symposium will be held May 29-31, 2018 in Edmonton, Alberta

The Symposium will open with a Welcome Reception on Tuesday evening, May 29 and end with the banquet on Thursday evening, May 31.

We are delighted to announce that Chemistry of Materials is generously sponsoring the student poster competition.

Symposium Details

Wednesday, May 30, 2018 - Salon 8, Shaw Conference Centre

Welcome - (07:55)

Matthias Driess, TU Berlin
New Tricks of Isolable Silylenes in Small Molecule Activation

Michael Son, McMaster University
Reactions of Silylenes with Non-Enolizable Carbonyl Compounds in Solution

Matthias Wagner, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt
Convenient Syntheses of Trichlorosilylated Organic Building Blocks

Masafumi Unno, Gunma University
Cyclic Silanols with Long Alkyl Chains

Jonathan Goff, Gelest
New Synthetic Pathway for Amide-Functional Organosilanes and Siloxanes

Thomas Müller, Institute of Chemistry, Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg
Bob Inspired Chemistry - From Silolylradicals to the Most Stable Isomer of Disilabenzene

Coffee Break - (10:00)

Robert West, Silatronix Inc.
Si History

Janet Braddock-Wilking, University of Missouri-St. Louis
Luminescent Group 14 Metallafluorenes for Biological Applications

Shigeyoshi Inoue, Department of Chemistry, Catalysis Research Center and WACKER-Institute of Silicon Chemistry, Technische Universität München
Facile Activation of Small Molecules by Iminodisilenes

Thomas Schmedake, University of North Carolina - Charlotte
Luminescent Hexacoordinate Silicon Complexes

Lunch - (12:00)

Ayodele Fatona, McMaster University
Functional Silicone Networks via Thioacetal Linkages

Yuxia (Sonny) Liu, Henkel Corporation
Silicone-Acrylic Copolymer

Anne Skov, DTU
Departure from Non-Conductivity of Silicone Elastomers

Richard Laine, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Michigan
Do Silsesquioxane Cages and Polymers Offer Semiconducting Properties

Adam Tomasik, DowDuPont
The Next Generation of Low Loss Optical Interconnects

Bhanu Chauhan, William Paterson University
Exploration of the Role of Silicones in CNT and Metal Nanoparticle Conjugation

Coffee Break - (15:20)

William Hunks, Evonik Corporation
The Effect of Dynasylan® Silane Adhesion Promoters on Adhesion of a 2K Pt Cured Silicone on Aluminum Substrates

Farooq Ahmed, CSL Silicones
Elastomeric Polysiloxane Coatings

Melissa Grunlan, Texas A&M University
Amphiphilic Silicones with Broad-Spectrum Anti-Fouling Behavior

Eric Joffre, Dow
Hydrolytically Stable Sugar Siloxanes

Mark Frampton, Brock University
Siloxane Phosphocholine Self-Assembled Bilayers

Dimitris Katsoulis, Dow Chemical Company
Synthesis of SiCl4 from Alkyl Orthosilicates

End of Session - (17:40)

Wednesday, May 30, 2018 - Poster Session and Reception

Hall A, Shaw Conference Centre - (17:45-19:30)

Jonathan Bauer, University of Regensburg
Functionalized Siloxanes

Maissa Belcina, Western University
Addition of Phosphorus Oxides to Ditetrelenes

Robert Bui, McMaster University
Dynamic Covalent Schiff-Base Silicone Elastomers

Mark Frampton, Brock University
Siloxane Phosphocholines as Potential Delivery Vehicles

Michel Gagne, UNC Chapel Hill
On the Role of Silylium Ions in the Catalytic Deoxygenation of Biomass Derived Cellulosics

Cody Gale, McMaster University
Synthetic Routes to Silicone-Modified Soybean Oil Copolymers

Antonio Guerra-Contreras, Universidad de Guanajuato
Study of the Second Virial Coefficient in a Polar Solvent of a Functionalized and Quaternized Poly(dimethylsiloxane-co-methyl-hydrosiloxane)

Andrew Henry, Western University
The Addition of Alkynes to Low-Valent Silicon Compounds: A Mechanistic Study

Burhan A Hussein, Ryerson University
Structure-Property Study of Hypervalent Silane Porphyrins for Light Harvesting Applications

Jake Jagannathan, UC Davis
Spectroscopic and Mechanistic Analysis of a Silsesquioxane as a Hydrogen-Bond Donor Catalyst

Shuai Liang, McMaster University
Controlling Silicone Elastomer Structure: MDTQ Resins

Mengchen Liao, McMaster University
Controlled Synthesis of Silicone Block Polymer: Just Add Water

Corinna Lorenz, Universität Regensburg
Solvation Experiments with Polysilicides in Liquid Ammonia

Sarah McOnie, Western University
Amine Functionalization in Ditetrelenes

Miguel Melendez-Zamudio, Universidad de Guanajuato
Synthesis and Characterization of a Polydimethylsiloxane/Polyaniline (PDMS/PANI) Composite

José Adrián Peña Hueso, Silatronix, Inc
Effect of Organosilicon Electrolytes on the Solid Electrolyte Interface Formed on Silicon (100) Wafers

Andrey A Prishchenko, M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University
Organosilicon-Based Synthesis of New Functionalized Methylenediphosphonic Acids as Prospective Bioactive Compounds

Chengcheng Rao, University of Alberta
Tunable Plasmon-Induced Hydrosilation on Silicon Surfaces

Lisa Rosenberg, University of Victoria
A Mild Route to Poly(phenylsilyne)

Kerim Samedov, University of British Columbia
Free Radical Reactivity of Phosphaalkenes Towards Muonium Studied by muSR Spectroscopy

Claire Tessier, University of Akron
Attempted Silylations of [PCl2N]3

Adam C Tomasik, DowDuPont
Metallosiloxanes for Photothermal Stability

Yoshitaka Tsuchido, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Hydrosilylation of Carbonyl Compounds Catalyzed by Mono- and Tri-nuclear Platinum(0) Complexes

Michael Y Wong, McMaster University
Facile Synthesis of Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) using Fluoride Initiator

Name, Place

Thursday, May 31, 2018 - Salon 8, Shaw Conference Centre

Tamejiro Hiyama, Chuo University. Research and Development Initiative
Discovery and Progress in the Silicon-Based Cross-Coupling Reaction

Amos Smith, University of Pennsylvania
Evolution and Exploitation of Anion Relay Chemistry (ARC)

Victor Snieckus, Queen's University
Silicon as an Adjunct in Synthetic Directed ortho Metalation Chemistry

Austin Kelly, University of California, Davis
The Substrate Control of the Tamao-Fleming Oxidation: Steric Control of Si-H Hydrolysis vs. C-Si Oxidation

Cathleen Crudden, Queen's University
Main Group Catalysts in the Reduction of Organic Compounds

Coffee Break - (10:00)

Sijia Zheng, McMaster University
3D Printable, Rapid Cure Silicone Elastomers Prepared using Thiol-Ene “Click” Chemistry

Sheryl Wiskur, University of South Carolina
Asymmetric Silylation: Mechanistic Investigations

William Leigh, McMaster University
Kinetics and Mechanisms of the Reactions of Transient Silylenes with Carbonyl Compounds

Eric Keske, University of Edinburgh
Mechanistic Studies on the Chatani-Tobisu Decyanative Silylation Reaction

Laura Turculet, Dalhousie University
Si in Ligand Design: Novel Structure and Reactivity involving Silyl Pincer Complexes of the Platinum Group Metals

Lunch - (12:00)

Jillian Buriak, University of Alberta
Rio Tinto Award Lecture - Totally Radical Chemistry of Chalcogenides on Silicon Surfaces

Josef Michl, University of Colorado; Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Conformational Dependence of Sigma Electron Delocalization in Linear Polysilanes

Mita Dasog, Dalhousie University
Solid-State Synthesis of Porous Silicon

Rebekka Klausen, Johns Hopkins University
Strategic Synthesis of Crystalline Silicon Fragments

Priyanka Yogi, Indian Institute of Technology Indore
Manifestation of Small Nanostructures in High Doped Silicon Wafer

Coffee Break - (15:20)

Minjia Hu, University of Alberta
Coverage, Mechanism, and Electronics Study of Si-S, Si-Se and Si-Te-bound Si(111) Surfaces Formed via UV Irradiation

Zhongwei Chen, University of Waterloo
Advanced Electrode Materials for High Energy Lithium-Ion Batteries

Mark Fink, Tulane University
Mechanochemical Formation of Silicon Nanoparticles through RHEBM

Julian Koe, International Christian University
Directions in Uncharted Territory - Blazing the Polysilane Trail

Student Oral and Poster Awards Presentations

End of Session - (17:20)

Pre-Banquet Reception, Riverview Room Patio, Shaw Conference Centre - (19:00)

Banquet, Riverview Room, Shaw Conference Centre - (19:30)

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