50th Silicon Symposium

May 13 - 15, 2019 - Columbia, South Carolina


49th Silicon Symposium

50th Silicon Symposium

Since 1967, the North American Silicon Symposium (originally the Organosilicon Symposium) has brought together individuals in from industry and academia to celebrate innovation in silicon chemistry and the recipient of the Frederic Stanley Kipping award. The Department of Chemistry at the University of South Carolina is pleased to host the 50th Annual Silicon Symposium at the USC Alumni Center in Columbia, South Carolina.

Invited Speakers

50th Annual North American Silicon Symposium Plenary:

  • Colin Nuckolls

    Columbia University

  • Gregory Robinson

    University of Georgia – Athens

  • Annaliese Franz

    University of California – Davis

  • Ryan J. Trovitch

    Arizona State University

  • Frederique Cunin

    Unviersite de Montpellier

  • James Cahoon

    University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

  • Vladimir Gevorgyan

    University of Illinois at Chicago

  • Lisa Rosenberg

    University of Victoria

  • Kim Baines

    Western University

  • Anne Ladegaard Skov

    Danmarks Tekniske Universitet

Conference Sponsors

University of South Caroline Chemistry & Biochemistry Gelest

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