48th Silicon Symposium

June 7-9, 2017 - Philadelphia, PA


Philly At Night

Gelest, Inc. and Temple University® are pleased to announce the 48th Silicon Symposium at the Chemical Heritage Foundation in Historic Philadelphia.

48th Silicon Symposium Covers Fundamental and Applied Silicon Chemistry

The 48th Silicon Symposium brings this annual event back to Philadelphia, where it started 50 years ago. This meeting gathers an international group of industrial and academic players at all stages of their careers. Over the years this meeting has been held in 20 different states as well as Guanajuato, Mexico, British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec. Returning to Philadelphia for the fourth time, it will be held at two new venues, Temple University for a day of tutorials and the Chemical Heritage Foundation for the symposium sessions. We hope you will join us!

Invited Speakers

  • Keith Woerpel

    Keith Woerpel

    New York U.

    ‘Silylene Transfer Reactions for the Synthesis of Strained Alkenes: New Methods for Stereoselective Synthesis’

  • Kenrick Lewis

    Kenrick Lewis


    'Use of Nanocatalysis in the Direct Synthesis of Methylchlorosilanes and Alkoxysilanes'

  • Mike Sailor

    Mike Sailor

    UC San Diego

    'Surface Modification of Silicon Nanostructures Using Silane Chemistry'

  • Tom McCarthy

    Tom McCarthy

    UMass Amherst

    ‘Methylsilicones Pushed in Several Directions’

  • Matthias Driess

    Matthias Driess

    TU Berlin

    'N-Heterocyclic Silylenes: Powerful Tools in Small Molecule Activation and Homogenous Catalysis'

  • Brian Korgel

    Brian Korgel

    U. of Texas at Austin

    'Silicon Nanocrystal Assemblies'

  • Joe Mabry

    Joe Mabry


    'Silicon-Hybrid Materials: Fundamental Research to Air Force Applications'

  • Ramesh Kumar

    Ramesh Kumar

    3M Innovation

    'Synthesis and Applications of Silicone Copolymers Using Photoiniferter and Other Silicone Macromers'

  • Nicola Hüsing

    Nicola Hüsing

    U. of Salzburg

  • Don Watson

    Don Watson

    U. of Delaware

    ‘Advances in the Preparation of OrganoSilanes Using Palladium Catalysis'

  • Francois Ganachaud

    Francois Ganachaud


    ‘New Material Properties Through a Silicone Blend Strategy’

  • Greg O'Neil

    Greg O'Neil

    Western Washington U.

    ‘New Methods For Tethered Carbonyl Silylations’

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Conference Organized by Temple University & Gelest, Inc.

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